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Rêve Hair Salon
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Fate brought them together as co-workers; friendship and a sense of family kept them together as business partners.

The four ladies of Rêve Hair Salon, which opened in The Piano Works Oct. 3, 2017, are proof that you truly can enjoy spending long hours -- and form deep, trusting bonds -- with those you work with.

"All four of us met while working together in a salon in Victor for quite a few years," co-owner Peggy Compeau says. "We became family. And when we decided to take a new venture in life, we decided to do it together."

They also decided to locate in East Rochester for two specific reasons -- convenience and conservation.

"We found ER to be the perfect spot for us, as well as our clientele that we’d had for years, because it's a central location for our guests coming from different surrounding areas," Peggy says. "We're also proud to be the only Aveda salon in the village, and we like how ER’s conservation initiatives tie in with Aveda’s mission to care for the environment." (ER in involved with numerous programs, including Tree City USA and NYS’s Clean Energy Communities, and recently participated in the inaugural local Arbor Day collaboration. Aveda, founded in 1978, features natural products designed to promote environmental leadership and responsibility around the globe.)

Rêve (pronounced "rev" -- which means "dream" in French) offers a multitude of services, including hairstyling, coloring, highlighting, and perming for men, woman, and children; brow and lash tinting; facials and other forms of skincare; and facial and body waxing. And while the four ladies have different backgrounds and specialties, they're united in their desire to combine their dedication to their clients' satisfaction with their dedication to advancing Aveda's mission.

Peggy has been in the beauty industry for 13 years -- the first four with a local chain salon, until discovering the Aveda line nine years ago. She has since furthered her education and career to become an Aveda Master Stylist, specializing in women's and men's cuts and color. Her goal is to not only continue doing what she loves, but also have her clients love what she does.

Her fellow co-owner, Charlene Silveri, began her career as a hairstylist in 1981 and has been an Aveda stylist since '99. Her thorough knowledge of cutting, color, and Aveda products led her to become both an Aveda Master Stylist and an Aveda Educator in 2009. She strives to not only help her clients look and feel their best, but also spread Aveda's mission of being responsible for the world we live in.

Malaysy Gannon's love of fashion and beauty led her to enroll at Shear Ego, graduating as a cosmetologist in 2002. After spending five years as a stylist and then manager with a local chain salon, in 2007 she too discovered Aveda. Believing in the company's mission of environmental responsibility, she also has become an Aveda Master Stylist and, 11 years later, has an even deeper love of the industry -- and a commitment to bring out her clients' inner and outer beauty.

Renee Forward's first career was raising her three daughters, while teaching them confidence and how to look and feel their best. As they got older and became more independent, she, like Malaysy, attended Shear Ego, graduating in 2006 as an esthetician. She immediately joined an Aveda salon, where she began to focus on skin care and how to have a flawless complexion without makeup. Aveda was a perfect fit for her interests, because of their research and development of all-natural products. Renee enjoys helping people with their skincare needs, specializing in customized Aveda facials. She has also studied advanced eyebrow-sculpting techniques, and has a built a loyal following for her attention to detail and skill at optimizing women's brows to their face shape.

Appointments can be booked online on their Website --; walk-ins are also accepted.
Phone: 585-270-5137
Hours: 11-8 Tuesday, 10-7 Wednesday, 10-8 Thursday, 9-5 Friday, 9-4 Saturday
Location: 349 W. Commercial St., suite 1910 (between Ferrari and Bell Racquet Sports)
East Rochester, NY 14445
Contact: Peggy Compeau and Charlene Silveri, co-owners

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