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Gabriel First Corp.
Category:Business Services
Description: Gabriel First was established in 1964 as a building maintenance service contracting company, serving both large industrial and small commercial businesses in upstate New York. The Zanche Brothers—Joe, a chemist, and Gabe, a business major—worked side-by-side providing their service to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, manufacturing plants, hotels, and restaurants. The knowledge gained from their experiences is the cornerstone of today's Gabriel.
Phone: 381-7000, 800-873-2000
Fax: 248-3939
Location: 233 W. Commercial St. (P.O. Box 191)
East Rochester, NY 14445
Contact: Gabe Zanche Sr., president/owner

Pam Kennedy, controller

Mike Zanche, operations manager

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physical location:
317 Main St.
East Rochester, NY 14445
Office Hours by Appointment



mailing address:
East Rochester Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 87
East Rochester, NY 14445